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I have known Jane a long time and always find her so fun, motivated and professional. She puts 100% into everything she does, including her lovely new studio on King Street, Wallasey.

I recently went for a session of Hopi Ear Candling and a face massage and can highly recommend both. So, if you are looking for a local place for treatments, massage and various fitness classes, head straight to Jane at Energise.


I previously did power hoop with Jane years ago and I have managed to follow on as best I can! Most recently with PT sessions, she is amazing! Always so encouraging and actually gives a damn about you! She doesn't make you feel intimidated but so welcomed! I would highly recommend her classes and personal training! 🥰 xx


Again, again  Loving RockBox, a fab, fun, stress busting workout, loving those tunes


Jane is amazing, I go regularly for my back massages and I am looking forward to try her new classes and workshops! Really good professional and person!  I highly recommend her.


I have had a few treatments with Jane @ Energise Wirral, including back massage and hopi ear candles.

Jane is super friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Jane has worked wonders on my broken back, I couldn't imagine not having my monthly treatments. Prices are very reasonable and would recommend to anyone.

I can't thank you enough Jane, Energise Wirral is by far the best place to go for all your massage, fitness and holistic needs under one roof.


Just back from a wonderful hot stone massage with Jane and as always I'm feeling super relaxed. My body today was sucking the heat out the stones due to being poorly recently but that didn't stop Jane, she turned the heat up and got stuck in. Thank you so so much xx


Fantastic to be back last night, loved our Glow Beatz session. You are amazing Jane always inspiring us and giving us confidence. Thank you xx


Went to Jane with aches and pains all over with sciatic nerve being the worst. She managed to manipulate and help remove the pain after a few sessions which also aided my sleep. Highly recommend a session with Jane. Still having regular sessions to ensure I maintain the body benefits.


Already feeling vibrant and full of energy from a group meditation class I've been to this evening. It's like taking medication for your soul that seeps through your whole being. Love it and I want more


Was brought along to the taster session and fell in love with RockBox - nice to find an exercise class where I can just be me, do what I can and actually enjoy the music too! The only exercise classes I’ve done where I don’t feel awkward or out of place!


I originally went for a full body massage as was introduced via a mutual friend. From the start during the consultation I realised that Jane was very meticulous and thorough and this put me at ease immediately. I slowly realised that Jane also does a few other different treatments and classes that cover all types of fitness and medical conditions. Jane had addressed an area almost straight away during my original consultation/massage and has corrected and is currently keeping under control this problem area in a very competent and professional way.


We love that you bring the classes to us you're a super teacher xx bring you an apple next time xx


Had a Swedish massage yesterday. Very relaxing. Can't wait for my next one. Thank you so much Jane. Definitely recommend her for the Swedish massage

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