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Let me introduce myself, I'm Jane and I am the founder of Energise.  Energise brings together all elements of my life together in one place.

Why do I offer wonderful holistic treatments, fitness classes/PTs, training courses and workshops?  Because I love them all.  I love to learn and I love to pass on what I’ve learnt through my classes and treatments but to also pass on my learning to others. 

I’m not what you might expect when you think of a fitness bunny.  I’m middle aged and certainly no size 10. This is why I trained as a PT in the first place as I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in the gym when I was considered plus size. But this shouldn’t stop people exercising and feeling good doing it.  So if you train with me in classes or in a PT know that you’ll never be judged and only encouraged to reach your goals.  I will do my very best to offer you the best service possible.  

Want to know more?  Then please reach out to me and see how I can help.  Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, relax, stretch, learn new skills or relax then let's have a chat. 

I am fully qualified and insured for all the classes I teach and all the treatments I provide.  I am a Reiki master, crystal healer and Personal Trainer.  I am also an Ex Slimming World consultant.  My background is in Human Resources and training.  I have my teaching qualification plus loads of other completely irrelevant ones too!  

So what are you waiting for?  Please get in touch. 

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